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One of the most sound bombs released in 2017 was undoubtedly the first work of Atrexial. The aura that surrounds this work is stuck and it is difficult to get rid of it. All thanks to the talent and hard work of  Naga S. Maelstöm​.

It is a real honor to have him in Sad Eyes to do that, with a guitar solo and his indisputable mastery of the strings, the theme acquires another dimension.


Since the release of "Ashes and Dust" in 2016, ONOMASYbecame, on its own merits, one of the best state bands with the most international projection, in terms of technical death metal.

Armando Rubio, his guitarist, collaborates in the fourth work of SAD EYES, demonstrating what he is capable of. His impeccable technique, his mastery of the guitar and his mastery of the harmonies embodied in a guitar solo at the height of the best of the genre.


Armando Rubio

The always controversial and obscenely extreme formation CABARET ABERRANTE counts as a thinking head, composer, guitar and voice in the person of Fernando Martin.. An extreme, guttural and deep voice that all the daring addicts to brutal gore death will have already enjoyed.

All this deployment of vocal ability will be present in the next work of SAD EYES, giving a strikingly extreme focus on the guttural lines of the CD.


Fernando Martin

The work capacity of Juanpa Evilead is beyond doubt. Guitar and choirs in BIZARRE, bass and keyboard in NANGILIMA, guitar and voice in ELDERDAWN, all instruments in MORIBUNDO.

The multifaceted Evildead ignores labels and styles for the guitar solo he plays in the next SAD EYES work. 


When the Granada band CANKER signed Leo as a vocalist, they already knew what they were doing. A band of that caliber, a national institution of Death Metal, wanted the best, and found it in Leo.

SAD EYES will be able to count on your voice, your enthusiasm and your expertise for the fourth job. One of the highest level guttural voices in this country, there is great.

Leo Gonzalez

Talk about Doom in this country is to say EVADNE. A band that has managed to forge its style with slow but firm pace, and above all moving away from fashions, trends and following its path.

Josán Martín, his guitar, is a part of that magic that they transmit to us.

The next work of SAD EYES will also have that magic because its collaboration leads, with its interpretation, to a field previously unexplored.

Josan Martin

If there is a band that knows how to bring progressive death to its maximum expression, that is MOONLOOP. The atmospheres, the precision, the quality and the instrumentation are of high caliber. One of the culprits of such mastery is Eric Baule

Count with him as collaborator for the fourth work of SAD EYES is like a dream that will take the compositions to a status that only Eric knows to give. 

Eric Baulenas

Speak of brutality and technique in this country is speak of Scent Of Death. Talk about Scent Of Death is talk about his guitarist Jorge Fernández. Talent, technical precision and executing brutality.

The fourth work of SAD EYES will count on their collaboration to bring the musical concept of the work to another level. 

Jorge Fernandez

The undeniable talent of the Spanish extreme musicians has a few great references, and one of these is Diego Alonso.
Guitarist of VERMIS ANTECESSOR and ex guitar of the very great band INTERNAL SUFFERING.
All this quality, transferred to a guitar solo in the next work of SAD EYES results in a collaboration more than outstanding.

Diego Alonso

It is a true honor to be able to say that the bass line of the fourth SAD EYES CD already has an executor musician. A real precision machine.
Ul, bassist NOCTEM from 2008 to 2015, three CDs with them behind their backs, hundreds of shows and tours around the world.
With all this it goes without saying that their professionalism and good work is brutal, resulting in an impeccable base.


The SAD EYES machinery has already been restarted and the fourth work is in process.
It is time to announce special collaborations, such as Miguel Bárez. Guitarist in HOLYCIDE and CAEDIS besides occasional session musician in AVULSED. The new CD will feature his talent and his technique for a guitar solo of authentic luxury.

Miguel Barez

The release of the new and 3rd album from  spanish based band, SAD EYES, will be set to 25.05.2015 through spanish Necromance Records on CD format and some days after in all digital plataforms. the tracks included on this album are the following ones: Lunium,  Voluptas, Cognitio, Tangere, Ipse, Vincere, Vulnus, Somnus, Enodo, Ad Dicti On

While we're waiting the arrival of "Ad Dicti On", the new album from SAD EYES, we're very glad to present you the cover for this released, designed by Joaquin Fernández from Kiniruralart.com, which will be design too all the CD Booklet and promo flyers for this release. The tracklist for this album will be the following one: 1. Lunium
2. Voluptas
3. Cognitio
4. Tangere 
5. Ipse
6. Vincere
7. Vulnus
8. Somnus
9. Enodo
10.Ad Dicti On 
The album is planned to be out before summer 2015 through Necromance Records.

NECROMANCE RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of SAD EYES, the solo proyect of Santi Glez, which will release his third CD through NECROMANCE RECORDS before 2015's summer. Continuing the method of work and compose of Santi Glez, the CD willbe again a concept one and the title will be "AD DICTI ON"; you'll receive very soon more information concerning concept, artwork, track list and advance song. It'll be mixed in Auryn Studios with Tristán Iñiguez (ex-DARKNESS BY OATH).
As previous releases, Santi Glez will have the collaboration from many spanish musicians, and you'll find in "AD DICTI ON" the following names:
· Juancar - AVULSED
· Falke - FOSCOR
· Oscar Martin - AS LIGHT DIES
· Christian - TEKSUO
· Borja Mintegiaga - BAALPHEGOR
· Diego Lopez - VIOLENT EVE
· DP Rey - WRONG
· Manolo - APOSENTO
· Nestor Espada - CUERNOS DE CHIVO
· Dani Fernandez - HOLICYDE
· Raul Weaver - MISTWEAVER
· Kike Capilla - REX DEVS
Wait for our next news and meanwhile, feel free to visit his facebook , web oficial or listening their previous releases on bandcamp

Raul Weaver is one of those people in the Spanish scene that has been giving the cay for decades with bands like GRAVEYARD OF SOULS, THE UNDEAD FAMILY, AUTHORITY CRISIS, PATHFINDER, and especially MASS BURIAL and MISTWEAVER. The latter, in my view, one of the Spanish bands with more debt of recognition by our underground.
Guitar, voice and alma mater of Mistweaver, his effort and dedication deserve their reward in his recent work "Nocturnal Bloodshed".
Meanwhile he has had some time to show your recognizable voice in the next work of SAD EYES. Raul loves what he does and passion is everywhere.

The vocal lines of the new work will also have exceptional parners, one of this is Kike Rodriguez.

This piece of animal that has no vocal cords, brutal. His baggage is large, having gone throuth several bands before being of UNDEAD SKULL and finally BARBARIAN PROPHECIES, bands where you can check what he can do, before hearing his step in SAD EYES.

Kike Rodriguez


If ever in your life have you interested in the Spanish underground extreme scene is totally impossible not to have heard or read about AVULSED, which is why so I'll spare you any comments about your career, it is absolutely unnecessary to present.

Similarly Juancar, guitarist, is an institution in the Death Metal scene in this country from classic SACROPHOBIA. If you have not yet seen live ... Do not know what you're missing.

Now, Juancar, has given his experience with a guitar solo for the third work SAD EYES. Another collaboration at the highest level !!!!!!



The Spanish old school Death metal has many illustrious names that we remember the old men in the place, but if we talk about a band that started with this extreme metal underground in Spain and that after several years of silence has come charging all know that we are talking about APOSENTO.

Manolo Saez, guitarist and founding member of the titans APOSENTO, He left reflected his experience in a guitar solo for the new job of SAD EYES, showing that every year in the scene, above and below the stage, has led to what are now.



TEKSUO is one of the younger bands in Spain with more quality that I've come across in recent times. They are fresh and with that anger that is sometimes lost over the years, but they still maintain. If they are now so great ... can and prepare for a bright future.

Christian Carvajal, his is solist guitar in it and BETWEEN THE LINES also, is in this case responsible for collaborating with one for the new job of SAD EYES. New wisdom to lead guitar lines.

Christian Carvajal


The list of contributors to the third work continues to grow.

This time we go to Toledo, Spain. Nestor Espada, guitarist in Cuernos de Chivo, is responsible for recreating whith the guitar on one track for this CD.

If you heard Cuernos de Chivo sure you expect some forcefulness to which we are accustomed, forget it. Inspiration, sensitivity and melody in a few seconds of talent.

The Spanish scene is impressive!!!!

Nestor Espada


The third work of SAD EYES is taking shape and many partners are contributing their work.

Now it's time to present to Zoilo Unreal, guitarist and voice of Death metallers, technical, melodic, progressive and experimental UNREAL OVERFLOWS. Another major Spanish bands exponent of quality that there is treasured.

Zoilo is also alma mater of UNHUMAN NATURE, which brings his talents as a multi-inxtrumentista taking charge of drums, bass, guitar and piano. He is also owner of the Zoilo Unreal Studios.

Zoilo Unreal


It's a real honor for me to say that the bass line of the third CD of SAD EYES already has a name. A true precision machine.

Dani Fernandez, bassist of bands like THE CLOCKWORK, HOLYCIDE and OXYGEN. He has played in bands like DARKMOOR and VIOLENT EVE.

With all this needless to say that your professionalism and good work is brutal, resulting in a flawless base. I look forward to that you can hear it at soon as possible.

Dani Fernandez


One of the great metal members of spanish scene, a titan. Owner of mythical Axtudios in Barcelona, ex guitar in ASGAROTH, band which everything now I can say it falls short. Currently his new band, DEJADEATH, embroiders with a fresh air to the scene, quality, professionalism on all four sides.

Mr Ax, is a pleasure to have working whith me in this humble project called SAD EYES.

Mr Ax


The special way of understanding music CONTINUORENACER never sufficiently recognized, has always captivated me. That's why having Javier Gutierrez, his guitar, work with a guitar solo for the third CD of SAD EYES is one of the great moments of this work.

Very great career as a guitarist, band with impeccable compositional technique and also guitar in DEBON.

Javier Gutierrez


I hope that, like to 9H0B1A, the list of contributors to this third work will be extensive. This fifth contributor has already prepared his guitar solo. Something completely different to what we have previously listening in SAD EYES.

DP Rey is mainly known for his work in the band WRONG and previously Y TRIPLE CORPORATION, is militant also in bands like HEAVY POPEYE and SOMNARE, in addition to working as a session musician in GARTH ARUM.

DP Rey


I can already announce the fourth partner for the next album of SAD EYES.
Diego Lopez, guitar in Violent Eve, ex-guitarist of bands like Misanthropy, Hysteria and Silver Fist.

Awesome guitar belonging to one of the best Spanish bands and higher trajectory and projection of the country.
The result? A flawless guitar solo on a theme of new work.

Diego Lopez


New partner of high level. Borja Mintegiaga guitarist BAALPHEGOR and GORY DELIVERY. He has already worked with bands like ALTAR OF PAIN, ODD heathenish and DARK CODE. Endoser of HESU brand and winner of the first contest Andy James.

Brutal instrumental technique, execution flawless technique and a master of the 6/7 strings. All this remain amply demonstrated in the guitar solo who plays in the third work SAD EYES



I can already announce a new collaboration for the third job of SAD EYES.
Oscar Martin, flawless multi-instrumentalist musician, creative mind and alma mater of a large number of projects which we can highlight or AS LIGHT DIES GARTH ARUM.
Collaborator in bands like WRONG, HYBRID or BLOODOLINE.
His particular style of understand the music will be embodied in a guitar solo for SAD EYES.



Falke, renowned musician of Spanish scene, guitarist in FOSCOR, Soul Aside and Fayrierie, definitely needs no introduction.
It is an honor to announce that they will work with a guitar solo on the third SAD EYES album, which I'm already working hard on their preparation.
Stay tuned because I will announce new collaborations and developments.





Another big catalogs Spanish, BLACKSEED PRODUCTIONS, puts at your disposal the second work of SAD EYES

blackseed p


TIPO Shops, one of the most important catalogs of Spain, online and physical, is selling "9H0B1A"



The Spanish Brutal Death Metal record label, PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT RECORDINS, its distributors join the new SAD EYES job.



"9H0B1A" is now available at the best online digital download stores:

iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, Google Play, Last.fm, CD Baby, eMusic, Myspace Music, Rdio, Simfy, Nokia, Xbox Music, MediaNet, Mog, TradeBit, Muve Music, Great Indie Music, 7 Digital, Myxer, iHeart Radio, Deezar, Omnifone, Sony Music Unlimited, Bloom.fm, 24-7...

Also available in the download section of this website.



We form part of both catalogs whose ranks the record label has bands like EXHUMED DAY, GLOOM, EMBELLISH... o MUERTE POR MIL CORTES, CABEZA DE CABALLO, EVILHORSE, ATARAXY, MANGLED TORSOS...

Crystal Eyes Rec

Discos Macarras




Pre Order


How could it be otherwise eldiosperezoso have once again created a stunning concept which is both shocking and absolutely perfect.  The graphic components serve as the ideal visual companion and capture the essence of the tale found throughout the audial concept that is 9H0B1A.  Sad Eyes is pleased to present the cover below:

cover 9H0B1A


The second work of Sad Eyes, entitled "9H0B1A", will be released in January of next 2013 through American's label Razed Soul.
Everything is ready for it and it is a matter of days to show you the cover of striking design created by eldiosperezoso.

The second work of SAD EYES "9H0B1A" is already completely finished, mixed and mastered. At present eldiosperezoso of PuertaOskura is responsible for the Arkwork realization.

I can't yet come forward date for editing, but in the meantime I present one of the tracks of the work, is entitled "50MN1".


The completion of the second work of SAD EYES is closer!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It is titled "9H0B1A" and in this moment Tristan Iñiguez (Darkness By Oath) is mixing it in his Auryn Studios.

This album has many developments regarding "... And Another Week", for this work I had the collaboration of a great number of musicians of the Spanish scene that have made this record is bigger in nuances, composition, execution , dynamic and above all human wealth, because so many collaborations had me change, although one doesn't want, the way to understand the tracks I was structured and worked in advance. Thanks to them "9H0B1A" has now a soul and a feeling that I never would have obtained without your generous collaboration. To all of them, thank you, they have made ​​the work worthwhile and my effort, without their effort, it would not have been so rewarding. I owe them one!!

AchokarlosExquisite Pus; Symtoms of Lethargy; Acholarlos
Exo - Noctem
Gorka Laherra – Natural Born Stonehad; Psychofusion; Calocando
Iván DuranHybrid; Cachalotauro
JL Montans - Kathaarsys; Rara Vez
Oscar Comendador - Mind Holocaust; Evil Rise
Pol LuengoAggression
Ricardo MorenoVodevil Vargas; ex-Knell Odyseey; ex-Avulsed
Samuel Morales - Helevorn
Sandro- Helevorn
Vrolok D. – Demised; ex–Hole Of Mankind; ex–O Miserum Mane

David MendozaHardkuannon; Antropomorfia
Paco Espada Johnny Blood; ex-O Miserum Mane

Carlos MejiasThirst Of Revenge; Ex-Human Mincer
Kike CapillaRex Devs


SAD EYES born by the need of Santi Gzlez, REX DEVS's guitarist, release through extreme metal, all his frustrations, feelings, experiences, concerns and emotions accumulated. Balancing anger and desolation through a forceful musical expression, extreme and melodic at the same time. This translated into a conceptual work of seven chapters. A day, a week. A life cycle repeated endlessly in the suffocating existence of any individual. An expression of extreme metal music in which every listener can see hisself reflected.

To complete the instrumental work "... And Another Week", Santi Gzlez has enjoyed with the cooperation of Dave Rotten, know by all, with an impressive voice, whose voice's lines have been recorded in Studios Room 101 of Javier Hernandez (The Heretic , Nexus 6). The mixing and mastering was done by Erik Monsonis (Dandelium) and the artwork has been made by eldiosperezoso www.puertaoskura.com The definitive work has seen the light, and shadows.